What We Do

The Ohio 8 Coalition’s work focuses on key initiatives that further the member’s commitment to improving student achievement in Ohio’s urban districts. The work, undertaken with both labor-management and multi-city collaboration, focuses on four strategic priorities: teaching and learning, government relations/public policy, public awareness and collaboration & leadership.



Our mission is work collaboratively to improve academic performance, increase graduation rates and close the achievement gap for urban children throughout Ohio. The Coalition carries out its mission by working closely with legislators, educators, parents, labor and community officials.

Government Relations/Public Policy:

The Coalition monitors and promotes relevant public policies at the federal, state and local levels that enhance urban education. The Coalition works to maintain a productive working relationship between its members, elected officials and the Ohio Department of Education.



Public Awareness:

We seeks to promote a broad public understanding of the accomplishments of urban districts, their unique challenges, their capacity for change and the role of the Coalition in addressing these issues.

Collaboration & Leadership

The Coalition promotes collaboration among its participating school districts, between labor and management interests and among various urban education partners. Additionally, the Coalitions works collaboratively to identify and share promising practices and innovations to reduce aggregated costs.