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October 21, 2015

The Ohio 8 Coalition Highlights Recent Accomplishments for Their Unique Community of Students

The Ohio 8 Coalition is proud to support the unique educational needs of every student in its districts, no matter where they came from, the amount of money their family earns, the languages they speak or the physical or cognitive challenges they face.

The Ohio 8 Coalition enrolls 11% of Ohio students attending public schools, a total of nearly 200,000 students with a graduation rate of nearly 72%. In addition, The Ohio 8 Coalition provides enriching educational experiences for a very different student population than most school districts throughout the state. For example:

  • The Ohio 8 serves 15% of the state's disabled student population.
  • 30% of the state's English Language Learners (ELL) are enrolled in Ohio 8 Coalition schools.

Ohio 8 Co-chair and Canton City School District Superintendent Adrian E. Allison said, "The Ohio 8 Coalition represents a kaleidoscope of cultures unseen by most districts in the state. Our districts alone educate more than 45% of the state's multiracial, American Indian, Alaskan, Asian, Hispanic, and Pacific Islander students. Many students attending our school have traveled a long way to call our communities home."

This year-at-a-glance document reflects that every day, the teachers and administrators within The Ohio 8 Coalition districts create enriching and inspiring learning environments that provide the greatest possible opportunities for their equally enriching and inspiring students.

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June 11, 2015

Ohio 8 Coalition to Testify Before Ohio Senate to Ask for Transportation Task Force, More Oversight for Charter Schools, and Questions Funding Stability


The Ohio 8 Coalition will testify before the Ohio Senate to ask for key changes to the state budget bill (HB 64), which the Coalition believes are critical to ensuring the success of all students in Ohio’s largest school districts.

Currently, the Ohio Senate Finance Committee is hearing testimony as it finalizes its changes to HB 64. The Senate Finance Committee is expected to make final modifications to the legislation next week. Kevin Dalton, Ohio 8 Coalition Co-Chair and President of the Toledo Federation of Teachers; Pat Shipe, President of the Akron Education Association; and Adrian E. Allison, Superintendent of the Canton City School District, will discuss three key topics with the committee. These topics are:

1, The Ohio 8 Coalition’s request that the Senate reinstate the school transportation task force.

2. The Ohio 8 Coalition’s request that the Senate strengthen charter school accountability and transparency.

3. The Ohio 8’s continued advocacy for stability in the school funding formula.

“The Ohio 8 Coalition wants to ensure that the issues around school funding and accountability do not unintentionally pit districts against one another as all districts around the state – urban, suburban, and rural – are working to fulfill our commitment to provide excellent educational opportunities for all of our students,” said Dalton. “While a state budget must balance many priorities we believe there must always be resources that support educational opportunities for all Ohio students in the short and long-term.”

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May 11, 2015

Ohio 8 Coalition Supports Recommendations to Improve State Tests from Senate Advisory Committee on Testing


The Ohio 8 Coalition supports recent recommendations from the Senate Advisory Committee on Testing that scale back administration of twice yearly tests to once a year for Ohio’s K-12 students and call for more transparency, among other changes.

 The Ohio 8 Coalition was represented on the 30‐member advisory committee by Julie Sellers, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers President, and Adrian E. Allison, Canton City Schools Superintendent.

Sellers and Allison said: “The Ohio 8 Coalition appreciates the opportunity to be part of the comprehensive, dedicated conversation about Ohio’s state‐mandated testing. We are very happy with the recommended changes, which will lessen the burden on our students, allow our schools to spend more time on instruction and provide more transparency during testing. We thank Senator Lehner for her leadership in making sure the committee was focused on building consensus and ensuring that all voices were heard. We look forward to continue to participate in these important discussions.”

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March 19, 2015

Ohio 8 Coalition Testifies Before House Finance Subcommittee on Primary & Secondary Education

Today, on behalf of The Ohio 8 Coalition, Canton City School District Superintendent Adrian Allison testified before the legislature on issues ranging from school funding, tangible personal property taxes, and transportation, to charter school reform among others

“We are requesting that legislators understand that we've seen changes to how our schools are funded in 5 out of the last 7 years.” said Allison “As a result, every district in Ohio has faced considerable challenges. The constant evolution of our school funding formula and related policies has prevented us from planning in as strategic of a manner as would otherwise. We need more stability in policy decision making and implementation.”

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March 5, 2015

Lehner Announces Formation and Members of Senate Advisory Committee on Testing

State Senator and Senate Education Chair Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering) today announced the creation of a Senate Advisory Committee on Testing. The committee will be made up of various educational experts from across the state and will make recommendations to the Senate on state required assessments.

Ohio 8 members will be represented on the advisory committee including Canton City School District Superintendent Adrian Allison and Cincinnati Federation of Teachers President Julie Sellers.

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February 20, 2014

Ohio 8 Coalition Job Fair Offers Big Opportunities for Educators

Ohio’s eight major urban districts are joining together for a statewide job fair in order to interview those interested in teaching positions in their respective districts.

The Ohio 8 Coalition Job Fair will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on March 8 at the Aladdin Shrine Center in Columbus. During the event, human resources staff from Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown will conduct on-site interviews with interested teaching candidates. 

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October 10, 2013

The Ohio 8 Coalition's Statement Regarding the Common Core

"The Ohio 8 believes that establishing such a high standard and providing this level of flexibility to each state and even further, each school district, is critical for Ohio and the nation...

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February 7, 2013

The Ohio 8 Coalition's Statement Regarding the State Funding of Individual School Districts in Gov. Kasich's School Funding Proposal

 "There are provisions of this proposal that focus on many issues which have been long time priorities within our districts and we are encouraged by that. We are in the process of reviewing the Governor's proposal, but without some critical detail around certain funding provisions(and the numbers behind them), we cannot characterize with certainty the exact impact of this plan on our districts. Total allocations are not enough to illuminate what is a very complex funding system...

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January 31, 2013

The Ohio 8 Coalition's statement regarding the release of Governor Kasich's School Funding Proposal

 "The Ohio 8 will be a continued partner with Governor Kasich and the Ohio General Assembly in finding more ways to build a world-class education system for Ohio. Whether you are a large, medium, or small district – the focus must be on the child. Prioritizing funding for their particular needs is the right approach. For those students with special circumstances, whether they are living in poverty, are disabled, or gifted, or are learning to speak English, we must ensure they get what they need to succeed.

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December 7, 2012

Ohio 8 School District Pass Board Resolutions to Demand Action from Congress to Avoid "Fiscal Cliff" Cuts to Education

All Ohio schools will loose millions in federal funds hurting programs including those for the most vulnerable children

COLUMBUS, OH – Through resolutions from each of their local school Boards, The Ohio 8 school districts of Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown, have called upon Congress to take immediate action to protect federal education funding at risk due to ‘sequestration’ that would impose $1.2 trillion in across the board cuts to federal programs, including $4 billion in education alone.

Congress, through the Budget Control Act of 2011, set in motion a fiscal deadline of December 31, 2012, unless further action is taken, to impose cuts to federal programs. Cuts will impact school districts across the country and in Ohio during the current and upcoming 2013-2014 school year.

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Ohio 8 Statement Regarding the Retirement of Columbus SuperintendentGene Harris


"While her retirement is a loss to Ohio's public education community, her 37 year tenure in public education includes numerous professional accolades as a teacher, Principal, and most recently as Superintendent.  The longest serving urban school Superintendent in Ohio, Dr. Harris has transformed Columbus City Schools into a district that has achieved academic success despite challenges faced by many of her students...