Kevin Dalton

Kevin Dalton

President, Toledo Federation of Teachers


Kevin Dalton earned his undergraduate degree in education from the University of Toledo and went on to earn a master’s degree from UT as well.

Mr. Dalton began his career teaching for Toledo Public Schools and has over 15 years of primary classroom teaching experience. For 13 of those years, he served as a building representative for the Toledo Federation of Teachers (TFT). He further demonstrated his leadership skills serving on several contract negotiation teams and eventually went on to become vice president of TFT in 2008.

Mr. Dalton was elected president of TFT in 2012. His commitment to serve teachers, students and the community is evident as he advocates daily on their behalf. Under Mr. Dalton’s leadership, TFT will continue to be instrumental in setting high standards for teacher performance and student achievement. He believes that TFT can be the bridge to quality education and safe schools for students and teachers.

 Mr. Dalton is proud to serve on the Ohio 8 Leadership Council and is grateful for their assistance as Ohio teachers face some very tough challenges ahead. Mr. Dalton continues to work with TPS leadership to address critical issues confronting today’s educators, such as teacher evaluation and implementation of Ohio’s New Learning Standards.