A-F Report Card Update: State School Board Activity

March 28, 2013


Scarlett and Lori have been tracking the progress of the State Board of Education around the development of the new report card measures -  a responsibility delegated to them via HB 555. A committee of the State Board has been formed (the Accountability Committee) to make recommendations around each report card component. This committee has met a total of 6 times to date and we expect they will be meeting 4 more times before June 1, 2013. In order for the Committee's recommendations to become final they must be approved by the full State Board. To date, only one - the safe harbor component - has been approved.


If you have any concerns about the information below or in the documents included on this page, there are two avenue for feedback:

1) State Board’s email specific to the report card: newreportcard@education.ohio.gov 

2) The Vice President of the State Board, Tom Gunlock, who is the Board’s main architect of the report card concept: Tom.Gunlock@education.ohio.gov


Below you will find several documents that identify the A-F components and their status at this time and information that will help paint the broader picture of the work of the State Board relative to this issue.




1. A detailed memo outlining our understanding of the State Board and Accountability Committee's work to date on the above report card components. As the State Board and Accountability Committee continue to meet during the next two months we will keep you updated on their progress.

Click to view the Memo


2. A recent Gongwer news article highlighting some of the key points of discussion following the Department of Education's update to the House Education Committee on the new report card components. Much of this article discusses the scenarios drawn up by ODE as it pertains to charter schools. While not directly addressed in this article, it is our expectation that many, if not all, charter school concerns will be aligned with those of the Ohio 8.

Click to view the Gongwer article


3. A chart identifying A-F components and their status as of March 28, 2013.

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