February 13, 2013: State Impact Ohio

Kasich Budget Could Require Low-Performing Schools to Outsource Teaching

State Impact Ohio, February 13, 2013

Governor John Kasich’s budget contains a provision that would expand Ohio’s parent trigger law statewide. The parent trigger law allows for low-performing public school parents to vote to turn the school into a charter school or replace most of the school’s staff. This provision could create huge changes to schools but many details about how it would work are still emerging.

A second provision in Gov. Kasich’s budget calls for school districts to turn over part of their state funding to another organization if a school fails to show consistent progress in the performance of students from low-income families, students with disabilities, English language learners or gifted students.

Canton City Schools Superintendent and Ohio 8 member, Adrian Allison, called the changes “disappointing”.

“You have less money to work with kids and get them where they need to go,” he said.


The provision is similar to the requirement under the federal No Child Left Behind Act that low-performing schools pay for outside tutoring services for students. That program was funded by federal funds, not state dollars. It was ended last year in the face of allegations of fraud and wrongdoing.


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