February 13, 2013: Times Leader

Kasich Schools Team Prepares to Defend New Formula

Times Leader, February 13, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich and his education team are preparing to defend their school funding formula proposal that left many districts surprised at the lack of additional dollars. Ohio 8 Co-Chairs reacted to the Governor’s proposal saying,

“We are concerned about potential new restrictions and/or mandates related to funding and significant policy proposals,” said a joint statement from Akron Superintendent David James and Cleveland Teachers Union chief David Quolke.

Richard Ross, director of the Governor’s Office of 21st Century Education, will present to the Ohio House Finance Committee today and says that his presentation will include numbers that prove the newly proposed formula delivers aid to poor districts,

“We have some charts to illustrate that low-income schools actually get significantly more resources than higher wealth schools,” Ross said Tuesday. “Personally, as we talked about it when it was presented on the philosophical basis, I think conceptually school districts liked what they heard.”

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