January 8, 2014: AP – Big Story

Gov't: Most School Discipline Need Not Mean Court

Associated Press, The Big Story - Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Obama administration has asked the nation's schools to abandon what it described as overly zealous discipline policies that send students to court instead of the principal's office. However, even before this announcement, school districts around the country have been taking action to adjust the policies that disproportionately affect minority students.

In Akron, Ohio, Superintendent David James said recent analysis found a higher percentage of black students being disciplined in almost every category. James said he hopes the administration's effort will provide leverage for districts with parents, teachers and communities. 

"If we're supposed to be here for these kids, what we want to try to do is work with them to find alternatives, to really drill down and find out what it is we're doing that's not meeting their needs," he said.

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