June 3, 2014: Gongwer Ohio

Main MBR Eliminates Contractors from STRS, Returns Dropout Diploma Program, Axes Property Tax Dispute Change

Gongwer Ohio, Volume #82, Report #106, Article #6 - Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Most school-related mid-biennial review (MBR) provisions appear in a separate bill but the MBR will pass with and without some notable education language. One major change to the bill is the reinsertion of language that outlines guidelines and state funding of dropout recovery programs and would allow students ages 22 - 29 to obtain high school diplomas. This provision, which originated in a separate bill (H.B. 343) submitted by Rep. Gerald Stebelton, applies to both district and charter-run dropout prevention programs. 


The Ohio 8 Coalition, sent a memo to the MBR conferees in support of the governor's community college-based program but not Stebelton's bill because of the potential for adults to be educated with minors.

"Despite the language in the House version of the bill seeking to remedy this concern, the Ohio 8 Coalition remains skeptical that it is possible to completely isolate the two populations," the group wrote.


It also said districts might not be able to opt out of the expanded dropout program and because of the requirement that the adults not interact with minors, schools could be required to develop separate programs for 22 to 29 year olds.


The bill also does not outline any eligibility requirements related to the criminal background of individuals enrolling, the Ohio 8 said.


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