March 13, 2013: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Nearly Half of Ohio School Districts will Lose Money under Gov. Kasich's School Funding Proposal

Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 13, 2013


Based on data collected by the Legislative Service Commission and the Cleveland Plain Dealer, nearly half of Ohio's school districts will end up with a decreased amount of state funds once money is removed from their budgets for charter schools. 

Two of the districts who will see decreases in state funding are Ohio 8 Coalition districts, Cleveland and Toledo. Cleveland Municipal School District could lose nearly $5 million in state aid, while Toledo Public Schools would see a $1.5 million decrease. 

"Cleveland and Toledo, who were going to be flat [funded], are going to be down," said David James, superintendent of the Akron school district and co-chairman of the Ohio 8 Coalition of the state's largest school districts. "We've been asking when the other shoe is going to fall."



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