March 13, 2013: Gongwer Ohio

Projection of Charter School Budget Funding further Frustrates District Advocates

Gongwer Ohio, Volume #82, Report #49, Article #9 - March 13, 2013


Under Gov. John Kasich's school funding proposal, charter/community schools would receive a $34.79 million increase in funding. The increase is a result of more than $805 million in state funds that would be passed through public school districts and sent to the charters. This is an estimated $34.8  million increase in charter/community school funding from FY12. 

School districts that will be hardest hit by these deductions are districts located in urban centers across the state. Cleveland Municipal Schools will lose $121.3 million to charter/community schools - nearly $5 million more than in past years.  Dayton Public Schools is projected to lose close to $45 million in funding - a $2.53 million increase in money being sent to charter/community schools. Columbus City Schools would lose an additional $2.3 million in funding for a total $100.7 million that would be sent to charter/community schools. Cincinnati Public Schools would send $50.14 million in state funds to charter/community schools- an increase of $527,221 in state funding. 

"We've found through this education budget process we have uncovered additional information and related questions with each new data set that is provided," Ohio 8 Co-Chairman David James said. "This information is critical and we need even more to ensure we can make smart budgetary decisions. The data set related to charters is only a portion of the information we need to allow us to understand our true total allocation." 


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