November 20, 2012: Gongwer Ohio

Ohio 8 Says Fast-Tracked Report Card Revamp Needs More Time for Stakeholder Input

Gongerwer Ohio, Volume #81, Report #225, Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Ohio 8 Coalition submitted a memo to the Ohio House Education Committee regarding HB 555, a bill which would overhaul the state report card system. Canton City Schools Interim Superintendent spoke on behalf of the Ohio 8, 

"We know that we need to have a new accountability system...and I will say that they've been great to some degree at being inclusive, but the train is moving too fast," 

"My biggest concern is that we vet all of the issues and we have an opportunity to look at all the unintended consequences that can happen from it.... We have a diverse state in Ohio, and it's really important that we have an inclusive process that gets all of those issues on the table, all the issues from all the diverse stakeholders."

Superintendent Allison went on to explain that the new report card should be implemented in the 2015-16 school year, 

"Once we have the new assessments and are able to norm with how those new assessments are going to play out in Ohio, then we can determine what an accurate measurement is and an accurate system is."


"We believe in growth, and we believe in achievement, and so we want to make sure that people understand that we are working extremely hard to make sure that our students get the year's growth in a year's time or above a year's growth in a year's time," Mr. Allison said.


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