October 4, 2013: Gongwer Ohio

Ohio 8 Find Flaws in Report Card Concepts

Gongwer Ohio, Volume #82, Report #194, Article #5 - Friday, October 4, 2013

The new report card system is several years out from being fully phased in, but already the new measures have sparked concern among Ohio's largest urban districts.

Ohio 8 Coalition Co-Chair, Dayton Superintendent Lori Ward, explained that the latest rankings based on Value-Added, the Performance Index and gifted programs have obvious short comings.  

The superintendent said the VA measure was meant to recognize the achievements of schools and educators who have students that start the school year academically behind so even if they do not score well on achievement tests, there is still recognition for progress.


The top 10 schools on the list of VA results included suburban districts, which are generally thought of as being high achieving to begin with "so their (expected) growth was literally a one-year turn, if you will," Ms. Ward said.


From the Dayton perspective, she said she "wholeheartedly" believes in student growth measures, but VA can only be calculated for reading and math in grades 4-8. The state has nevertheless tied its new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System to the scores, so districts will have to develop ways of measuring growth in grades and subjects not linked to state assessments.


"How do you give a growth measure to a theater teacher?" she questioned.

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