Annual Report & Year at a Glance

Annual Report 

The Ohio 8 Coalition's 2014 Annual Report  allows Ohio 8 partners and education stakeholders across Ohio fully understand what the Ohio 8 is focused on, how its members are working to achieve its mission, and understand the progress the Ohio 8 is making toward improving academic performance, increasing graduation rates and closing the achievement gap for urban children.  The annual report, which will also demonstrate the Ohio 8’s commitment to being data driven, will be published yearly and will serve as a public accountability tool. 

Click here to view and download the 2014 Ohio 8 Coalition Annual Report



Year at a Glance 

The Ohio 8 Coalition has prepared the Year‐at‐a‐Glance infographic to highlight the unique community of students and families we support every day. When available, data was sourced from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) for the most recent school year; for the data points that ODE has not yet published (i.e. graduation rate and enrollment) the previous year’s data was substituted. Additional data points were collected directly from the Ohio 8 Coalition districts (i.e. scholarship information, countries of origin, and languages spoken).
The Ohio 8 Coalition is proud to support the unique educational needs of every student in its districts, no matter where they come from, the amount of money their family earns, the languages they speak, or the physical or cognitive challenges they face. This year-at-a-glance document reflects the every day, the teachers and the administrators within the Ohio 8 Coalition districts that create enriching and inspiring learning environments that provide the greatest possible opportunities for their equally enriching and inspiring students.

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